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How long does app publishing take?

Getting your app published on the App Store is an exciting milestone for any developer or organization. However, the app review process can sometimes be lengthy and complex due to Apple's policies and guidelines. In this blog post, we will explore why it takes approximately two weeks for apps to be published on the App Store, focusing on specific Apple policies and recommendations that can help streamline the approval process. While these guidelines cannot guarantee approval, following them will significantly increase your chances of a smooth review experience.

Thorough Testing to Prevent Crashes and Bugs:
One of the essential steps to ensure a smooth app review process is thorough testing. Apple expects apps to be stable, functional, and free from crashes or major bugs. Prior to submission, it is crucial to extensively test your app on various devices and operating systems to identify and fix any issues. By investing time in comprehensive testing, you can save valuable time during the review process.

Complete and Accurate App Information and Metadata:
To avoid unnecessary delays, it is vital for us to provide complete and accurate information about your app during the submission process. Double-check that all details, such as app name, description, keywords, screenshots, and app previews, are up to date and aligned with your app's functionality. Additionally, ensure compliance with Apple's App Store Review Guidelines regarding content, user interface, and privacy policies.

Keep Contact Information Updated:
During the app review process, Apple's App Review team may need to contact us for clarifications or additional information. To prevent delays, ensure that your contact information is accurate and up to date in your developer account.

Provide Full Access to Your App and Resources:
Apple's review team needs to thoroughly evaluate the features and functionalities of your app. If your app includes account-based features, it is crucial to provide either an active demo account or a fully-featured demo mode, along with any necessary login credentials or sample QR codes. Additionally, if your app requires specific hardware or resources for testing, make sure to include them in your submission.

Enable Backend Services for Review:
If your app relies on backend services (it most likely does!), it is essential to ensure they are live and accessible during the review process. This allows Apple's reviewers to fully experience and evaluate the app's functionalities. By us making sure your backend services are operational, we enable a comprehensive review, minimizing the chances of delays due to inaccessible features.

Detailed Explanations of Non-Obvious Features and In-App Purchases:
To avoid confusion and potential rejections, provide detailed explanations of any non-obvious features and in-app purchases in the App Review notes. This helps Apple's reviewers understand the purpose and functionality of your app thoroughly. Additionally, if necessary, include supporting documentation to further clarify complex or unique features.

Publishing an app on the App Store is a multi-step process that requires adherence to Apple's guidelines and policies. While the app review process typically takes around two weeks, following the recommendations mentioned above can help expedite the approval process. Thoroughly testing your app, providing accurate information, enabling access to necessary resources, and offering detailed explanations are key factors in ensuring a smooth and successful review. Remember, meeting these requirements does not guarantee approval, but it significantly improves your chances of a positive outcome. By understanding and adhering to Apple's policies, you can navigate the app review process more effectively and increase the likelihood of your app being published on the App Store.

Updated on: 06/05/2023